Who are we you might ask? We are Ash & Amy.  A Yorkshire couple who got the travelling bug after visiting Thailand & Australia last year.

What is InspireTravelExplore?

Just a name really,  nothing special.  We wanted to inspire ordinary people like ourselves to break from your comfort zone and live your dreams.  We want you to follow us on our adventure,  where we are going we do not know.  All we know is we have one way tickets to Thailand for 1 month followed by Australia for a another year.

Our blog will be the home of all of our content,  we will be updating images via our Facebook Page & Instagram but our content and articles will be written on our website.   We will be writing articles about budgeting while travelling,  food expenses and where to eat,  top things to do in certain places & more.

Last year was amazing

Check out this photo of Myself & Amy in Thailand sitting by the pool.  (We had to keep buying Peach Ice teas to be able to use the pool but it was totally worth it!)

We have so many articles to write up about our experiences last year followed by articles which we will be writing about  this year.  It’s going to be crazy,  our website is going to have so much content you will be screaming to come back for more.

As you can see we are both excited about our blog and we hope you follow us throughout the whole adventure.  Leave a comment below and let us know what kind of posts you are wanting to see.

Ash & Amy – inspiretravelexplore

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We are Amy & Ash, a couple travelling the world. Our blog is all about inspiring the mind through travel.