Photo from at the top of Marina Bay Sands Hotel

Gardens by the bay is one hell of an experience.  Seriously,  check it out.

Marina Bay Sands & Gardens By The Bay

Gardens By The Bay is one of the recent addition to Singapore’s tourist attraction. Built on 101 hectares of reclaimed land in central of Singapore, Gardens By The Bay was officially opened to the public in 2012.

The attraction consists of three distinctive waterfront gardens – Bay South Garden, Bay East Garden and Bay Central Garden. Bay South Garden is known to be the largest among the three, spanning 54 hectares of land.

 Amy & I visited when it was a bright and sunny day,  we wasn’t sure how to get to the Gardens at first so we went into the hotel to ask.  We jumped into the lift and it asked for a key code,  luckily someone came into the lift with a key code and scanned for us.  The lift took us right to the top of the hotel,  I could feel my ears popping as we was going higher and higher.  As you can see from the image below the view was incredible.
Photo of Amy from the top of Marina Bay Sands Hotel.


We wanted to visit the famous Pool on the top of the hotel but unfortunately they was so much security and you needed to scan your room key to enter.  Hopefully one day Amy & I will access the pool area and write an article about it.  Check out the photo of Marina Bay Sands Hotel below.

Gardens of the bay hotel, photograph by Amy

From Marina Bay Sands, proceed to cross the Dragonfly Lake via the Dragonfly Bridge, leading into Gardens By The Bay.

Supertree Grove

One of the biggest attraction at the Gardens By The Bay will be the iconic tall and alien tree-looking structures sprouting out from visible distance. Named as the ‘Supertrees’, these 50m tall tree-like structures have large canopies that function as a temperature moderator, absorbing and dispensing heat, as well as providing shelter for visitors during the day.

As night falls, be enchanted as the Supertrees come alive with a light and music show known as OCBC Garden Rhapsody, which takes place nightly at 7.45pm and 8.45pm.

I treated Amy & I too some tickets at the Indochine which is located at the top of the iconic Supertree,  IndoChine serves a sumptuous blend of Indochinese and Western cuisines, complete with a wide selection of beverages, cocktails, beers and wine.  It was nice to sit back,  relax and enjoy the view.
Amy & Ash at the Sky Bar

Unfortunately we didn’t do the Sky Walk or the two cooled conservatories (The Flower Dome and The Cloud Forest)  We will do them another day & write an article about it.  Overall we had an amazing time in Gardens of the Bay and cant wait to go back to do the Sky Walk & the conservatories.

Have you been to Gardens of the Bay?  What did you like about it the most?  Leave a comment in the comment section below.

Gardens of the Bay light show


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