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Yesterday Amy & I came up with the suggestion to book the Floating Market,  we looked online and found   When we was down Koh San Road Tuk Tuk drivers were offering us 1,500 baht each to do the Floating Market yet looking online yesterday we managed to get half a day for 550 Baht each.  Try to avoid the Tuk Tuk scams,  book through a legitimate tour company and you will get yourself a cheaper deal.  

When we arrived at the Floating Market we was shocked by how busy it actually was.  So much stuff to buy and so many boats on the river.


Bangkok floating market – such a cool experience ??

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When we got into our boat we thought it was going to tip over.  Ash was trying to reach for his wallet and every time he leant to the right the boat nearly tipped into the water!  Luckily we didn’t fall in but we was very close at one point.  We had a lovely old woman at the back of our boat paddling away,  whenever we wanted to buy something we told her and she would stop.

A woman selling fruit in her boat

The floating market can be quite pricey due to it being a touristy area,  always remember that when bartering the Thais will usually always take 3 times less.  For example if they say 600 baht they will usually take 200 Baht.  Never fall for the expensive sales,  you can always barter them down.

After touring the Floating Market we then hopped onto a Motor Boat which gave us a tour of the village the locals live in.  This was such an eye opener as we was surprised by how many of them just live in wooden shacks above the river.

One of the locals houses on the River.
Amy managed to caption an amazing photo of a Boat going past.

The tour around the local villages was amazing unfortunately I cannot upload any videos to this post although I still managed to get some Go Pro video footage which will be uploaded on our Youtube video of Thailand.

Driving down the River past all the local houses.

Overall for the price we paid we had an amazing day and managed to get some great photos.  We totally recommend doing this trip with a tour company as getting there on a Bike could take a good 3 hours and since the traffic is busy in Bangkok its probably not worth risking it.  If you have any questions on how to book this tour let us know and we can help you 🙂

Have you visited the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market?  Let us know! 


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