We decided our first destination for our adventure would be Chiang Mai as we have heard great things.  We wanted to get the real experience by travelling via the sleeper train.  We could have flown but whats the fun in that hey?  A lot of people suggest booking online its slightly more expensive but less hassle, we bought the tickets at the station which was easy enough; english speaking staff, and departure boards with times and platforms in english.

We grabbed a taxi from our hotel ‘Rambuttri Village Plaza‘ (which we booked on Booking.com based near Koh San Road- we would highly recommend this hotel when settling into Bangkok a great place to rest and cure the jet lag)


The taxi took us to the station for 200 Baht which took around 20-30 min depending on traffic. The tickets for 2 nd class cost us 900 Baht for a bottom bunker and 800 baht for the top bunk.  The trains run regularly all day from Bangkok to Chiang Mai and take around 12 hours.  We suggest booking bottom bunks as it is more spacious & you get a window view (you can’t beat waking up and looking out to see the sunrise over the rice fields).

When you get on the train there are secure cages for your luggage & plenty of room for hand luggage & valuables. The train also had electrical sockets up the carriage so you can charge your electrical devices.

Luggage Area

We were sat on a seat from about 7-9pm and then the friendly staff worked their way down the carriage making everyone’s beds. The beds were super comfy with a fresh sheet and sealed duvet set and pillow. the bed came equipped with your own curtains for privacy.   You can check that out from the photo below of Amy’s bed:

Photo of the bottom bunk after the bed was made.

There is a restaurant on the train for set meals and other refreshments. The menu was pretty vague not a big variety luckily we brought snacks and ate before hand. We suggest bringing your own snacks to avoid overpriced train food. The staff look after you, regularly offering fresh fruit, crisps and drinks.

The 2nd class carriage was very secure with overnight security guards ensuring passenger safety.

The toilets are what you expect, a tiny hole that follows through to the tracks but you get used to that.

Photo of the toilet.

We slept around 3 hours, it was a bumpy ride and with us being near the door there was a lot of noise keeping us awake. But we didn’t mind as we enjoyed looking out of the window and taking the scenery in. The staff packed the beds away 2 hours before arriving. All in all a safe, and pleasant experience which we would recommend to all travellers going from Bangkok to Chiang Mai.

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