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About InspireTravelExplore

I’m Ash a self-employed Graphic Designer.   I met Amy on a night out,  she offered me a kebab and we went home together.  I joke.  We started off as mates,  got to know each other after a couple of years and decided to go travelling last year.  Amy didn’t want to go travelling,  I had to persuade her and nag her so many times until she eventually agreed to come with me.  We officially became “Facebook Official” last year while we was travelling.  I love Donuts, Walkers Turnovers & Thai Green Curry’s.  I’m excited to work on our blog, and I’m sure you are just as excited to follow us on our journey.  Anyways,  I’ll stop hogging this and pass you onto Amy.  Beware,  she loves Yoga.

Hold up, Ash we both know it was you who lured me in with the kebab, gotta say i’m a sucker for some greasy grub at the end of a night out!! Anyway heyyy im Amy, im a fun loving, yogi obsessed, Food fanatic (there is no dish i wont try I especially like my chilli) I am a very spiritual & an open minded person who is on a mission to check off the almighty bucket list & inspire others to accomplish there dreams along the way! I’m a non believer of the 9-5 lifestyle, i like to live my life on the edge, full of adventure & spontaneity.

Where did you get the name InspireTravelExplore from?

We came up with the name after discussing what we enjoy in life.  We both get self satisfaction from inspiring others,  our passion is to travel.  We are the most happiest when exploring the earth together.