If its your first time visiting Melbourne you need to hop on the City Circle Tram.  Below are 5 Reasons why you should use the City Circle Tram.

1) Its a City Tour

The City Circle tram takes you around the City of Melbourne.    It took us around 40 – 60 minutes to take the whole route.  The tram has built in speakers which tells you about the location you are approaching.

The City Circle Route

2) Its FREE

It really is free,  just hop on & off whenever you want.  We didn’t know it was free until we asked.  If you’ve got nothing to do then why not hop on the tram and go around the city of Melbourne!  We did and it was actually really good stopping off at random locations.

3) No Myki Needed

As a backpacker budget can sometimes be tight,  luckily you dont actually need to buy a Myki Card to go on the city circle tram as its in the free zone.   Save them dollars fellow backpackers.

4) It stops at Docklands

Relax by the harbour or go for a bit of shopping.  Docklands is beautiful,  we stopped off bought a few t shirts in the stores and sat by the harbour to relax.

5) Step back to Orient Express Luxury

Endless drinks and simple but delicious food served as you rattle along the tram tracks of Melbourne.

Let us know what you think about the City Circle Tram below!


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